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We apologize for any inconvenience, and we, as everyone else, hope that we can return to regular opening hours when the COVID-19 situation will be under control. In the mean time, stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you during our opening hours of 7-14:00!



Welcome to Coffee Corner Takoradi!


We are the first to bring high quality italian-style brewed coffee to Ghana. Visit our shop for your favourite sandwiches, pastries, coffee, milkshakes and tea.


Coffee Corner aims to be an inviting place for people to hang out in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The music, the interior and the overal lay-out are aimed to realise this. Even though the lunch hour rush tends to get the place busy and thus a little loud, customers enjoy Coffee Corner to the fullest.

It is the perfect place to meet with friends, have a business meeting, a quick lunch or coffee and even a business breakfast. The free and fast WiFi is helpful as well.

Besides offering a good hide-out, ultimately it is all about the food and the drinks that we offer. We take great care in carefully selecting high quality products and never settle for less. To meet that goal, we work closely together with our suppliers, both in Europe and Ghana.